ENL LagoonView Luxury Apartments is a debut real estate project comprising five studio-styled service apartments and eleven 2-bedroom serviced apartments for short-lets, to be developed & managed by Enterprisers NextLevels International Limited (ENL).

The management of ENL offers investors a chance to benefit from a long-term partnership through units of fractional ownership or the benefit of a short-term Returns on Investment ((ROI) –option whilst providing a relaxing environment for prospective residents in a chic and modern space with on-site amenities and services.

Residents of ENL LagoonView Luxury Apartments can expect fully furnished apartments equipped with modern fitted kitchens, individual air conditioning, a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool, a fast and secure Wi-Fi connection, a recreation area, a lagoon-view rooftop/sky bar, laundry services, and parking spaces. These are offered alongside the generally run kitchen and restaurant managed by ENL for the convenience of the residents.

ENL LagoonView Luxury Apartments caters to guests who want to explore a vibrant neighborhood while staying in a safe, comfortable, and stylish environment that gives a homely feel. It offers the space and facilities of a short-let apartment and the flexibility and independence to live at home away from home.

ENL LagoonView Luxury Apartments project by Enterprisers NextLevels offers investors two options for cashflow opportunity and capital gains: ENL Homevest (fractional ownership) and ENL Realvest (Return on Investment). This project assures investors a hassle-free guaranteed return on investment and exit/buy-back after each investment duration.

ENL Homevest (Fractional Ownership: long-term): An option specifically for people who wish to invest in this project to earn dividends from rentals for life or over a minimum period of operational five years, in direct proportion to the acquired units of investment (UOI), while the asset is appreciating at a minimal appreciation rate of 10% per annum compounding.

This fractional ownership model allows an investor to own a specified UOI of the apartments and enjoy real-time dividends on that UOI. With a minimum of N2,000,000/UOI, you become a fractional ENL LagoonView Luxury Apartments owner, enjoying assured dividends from rentals. At the same time, the investment capital appreciates annually at 10% compounding interest.

ENL Homevest offers the option to exit after at least five years of operation. The owned UOI will be sold, and ENL will guarantee a 180-day buy-back at the current appreciated rate.

The ENL Realvest invites investors with a minimum investment of N2,000,000/UOI to earn 30% guaranteed ROI annually for a period of 2 years, derived from appreciation rate and inflation-proof acquisitions.

The ENL Realvest investor is assured of an exit or buy-back option at the investment’s expiration (2 years).

Be it cash flow opportunity, financial gains, a luxurious lifestyle, or the satisfaction that something good is being brewed, the project ensures both a comfortable living experience and attractive financial benefits.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity—invest in ENL LagoonView Luxury Apartments today and secure your future.

Schedules: –

  • Investment Period: June 1st – 30th September 2024
  • Development Period: October 1st 2024 – April 30th 2026
  • Official Launch & Business Commencement: May 31st 2026

The above schedule applies to ENL Homevest. However, the appreciation rate returns are accessible to investors during development. Realvest’s investment period commenced 48 hours after payment confirmation and duly signed documents.