Enterprisers Nextlevels (ENL) is a haven for entrepreneurial development, mentorship, and empowerment. We seek to raise entrepreneurs into investors and national builders while enjoying a healthy and wealthy lifestyle with our wellness products and services.

Our mission is to save one and save many through our commitment to the total well-being and growth of our partners, stakeholders, and community.

Our vision is to become the first go-to organization for entrepreneurial development, empowerment, wellness & lifestyle.

We sort to explore the power of leverage/MLM, collaboration, training, capacity building, and support with our various business arms: Wellness Products, Real Estate, Travel & Tours, Academy, and Cooperative Society.

We welcome all entrepreneurs to be part of our vision as we work together to achieve our collective and individual goals.

Our Core Values


We are committed to growing our business and fulfilling our obligations to our stakeholders, including our Consumers, Business Partners, and Brands.


We are guided by strong corporate governance and good business ethics to build a foundation of trust, reliability, and honesty.


We value relationships and we seek to establish long-term partnerships with our partners, customers, members, and the communities we operate in.